Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Yoga makes me a better scientist

Nicoleigh began her yoga studies by accident in 1999. This was shortly after going through an identity crisis, because an injury ended her ballet career, and she was transitioning into scientific research; a seemingly 180 degree turn. Through yoga, she developed a deeper understanding of herself, the world, and a belief that yoga brings a peaceful and truthful existence to any individual. Nicoleigh brings warmth, compassion, and humor to her classes, as well as a sincere desire to help others through appropriate asana. She has been trained in both Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga styles, and has been most influenced by studies with Michael Hamilton. She holds two master's degrees, one in statistics and the other in neuropharmacology, and a PhD in physiology. Above all, her daily practice inspires her the most, and serves as a daily reminder of compassion for others.


Ajani said...
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Marina J said...

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