Monday, May 4, 2009

Yoga Bear's New Advisor, Tara Stiles!

As our organization transitions from a local non-profit to a national force, we knew it would be essential to find our fourth Advisory Board Member on the East Coast (our first three advisors reside in the San Francisco Bay Area).

So we are excited to announce that Tara Stiles of NYC will be joining our family! Our Advisory Board has played a key role in helping develop the strategy for growth, while keeping us rooted in our steadfast mission of providing more opportunities of health and wellness to cancer survivors.

As a volunteer and fan, Tara has warmly and enthusiastically provided feedback and connections to our community. We are honored to have her input and vision as we move forward.

Tara connects healthy approaches to activity, exercise, food, awareness, and everyday feeling good with a wide audience around the world. Her work reaches out through a broad array of channels including mainstream print and television, web video and news sites. She's a popular contributor to The Huffington Post, Women's Health, and Men's Health, covering many aspects of yoga including basic how-to and preventive health care. Tara is recognized for her bold, fun and approachable style, breaking down ancient tradition and ideas into useful practices for everyone. She's also the founder of New York-based yoga studio Strala, where her teaching centers on building strength while helping people to live health and feel good.


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