Monday, May 4, 2009

Workshop for Breast Cancer Patients/Survivors in SF

Breast Cancer Patients & Survivors
w/ Bobby Clennell
Saturday, June 13
12:30 - 2:00pm | Studio I
FREE - Please register in advance by calling us at 415.753.0909

This class focuses on the physical, psychological and emotional needs of breast cancer patients and survivors including those undergoing chemotherapy, post mastectomy and post lumpectomy patients, and those with lymphedema.

Breast cancer surgery usually results in decreased mobility and numbness in the arm, shoulder and chest and can be accompanied by an overall loss of balance, energy and strength. This need not be permanent. We will practice in a way that aids the healing process and promotes a state of ease, freedom and peace in the body and mind.

Open to pa
tients & survivors only. Beginners' welcome.


Luke Holland, RN said...

I read about this study in a newsletter from Cornucopia House. It may be of interest to the workshop participants:

Research Study for Women Breast Cancer Survivors Who Practice Yoga

Karyn Kirschbaum, L.M.S.W
SUNY Stony Brook, School of Social Welfare

This study consists of one in-depth, 90 minute interview with women breast cancer survivors who currently practice yoga, are at least 45 years of age, between one and four years post completion of treatment, and who did not practice yoga consistently five years prior to diagnosis.

The purpose of this study is to offer a more complete understanding and reflection on how the breast cancer survivor experiences yoga. The study will examine the transformational process of yoga as it conceptualizes transitions and stages that women experience through this process.

Women who are interested in participating or would like more information can contact Karyn Kirschbaum.

Karyn said...

I thank Luke Holland for passing on info about my yoga study - thanks to the internet and websites/networks like YogaBear, I am really progressing. I look forward to hearing from more women.
Karyn Kirschbaum