Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yoga & Asthma

From today's Examiner, Yogi Annette Rivlin-Gutman writes:

Clinical studies have shown proof that Pranayama breathing can help asthmatics. It supplies oxygen to the entire body and exercises the lungs and its surrounding organs.

“Prana” means life force which is the breath and “ayama” means to lengthen or to extend. So, Pranayama means extending or mastering control of the breath. It allows unconscious breathing become a conscious act.

While many of us could benefit from pranayama in order to learn to breathe more deeply, asthmatics tend to over breathe. The exhalation is commonly the most problematic. Balancing airflow to the body can help an asthmatic control the output of her breath. Living with asthma can also create high anxiety. Slow, efficient breaths lead to a calmer mind leading to calmer breathing.

Just another reason yoga rocks!


l'optimiste said...

I sent this to my Mum - she is a chronic asthmatic. Might help her


Abeni said...

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Ambrosia said...
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Raghav Singh said...

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