Friday, May 30, 2008

Yoga Bear volunteers!

Yoga Bear volunteers led participants in free yoga classes during Relay for Life in San Francisco, California.

featured non-profit: yogaHOPE

YogaHOPE is an outreach organization dedicated to establishing rehabilitative yoga programs in residential facilities for underserved women in substance abuse recovery, poor and homeless women, and victims of domestic violence.

It's fantastic to see other organizations dedicated to making yoga more accessible-- especially to those who need it most. This demographic of women share something that is unfortunately fairly common: a repressive history which often decreases self-esteem and sense of self. Yoga, when accessible, can help reverse some of the damage and empower the student to take control of her body.

We commend the hard work of yogaHOPE and wish them the best in continuing to change lives!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Spanish-language information is not enough in cancer control among Latinos

Here's why:
  • Some Latino immigrants may not be able to read. Therefore, paper documents will not be understood.
  • Some Latino immigrants do not have access to the Internet. Therefore, advertising on and for websites with health information may be unfruitful.
  • Information can be lost in translation. Word-for-word translations are often less effective than culturally tailored translations. It is important to have bicultural, bilingual translators to ensure cultural appropriateness of disseminated information.
  • 35.7 percent of Hispanics are uninsured in the United States. Lack of insurance is a barrier to accessing preventative care as well as treatment. Patients who feel that they cannot pay for care often do not seek care, even if they are feeling unwell. Therefore, providing information alone does not guarantee that patients will seek medical care and/or receive it.
It is not just our responsibility to disseminate information about cancer to this immigrant population in Spanish, but to provide information in a culturally appropriate way. Information should not only share facts about cancer risks, prevention and treatment methods, but explain how to go about seeking care if one is uninsured or monolingual in Spanish.

By: Claire F. Selsky