Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Yogi Book Review: Road Trip Guide to the Soul

In her book, Road Trip Guide to the Soul, Sadie Nardini applies holistic principles to revolutionizing one's life. She combines eastern wisdom and yogic principles with her pragmatic and straightforward advice.

“Have you noticed that a yoga class is easier to skip out on then, say, a doctor or dentist appointment? Most of us think that time for ourselves can wait, which means we’re undervaluing our alone time and, therefore, ourselves at a deep level.”

In recognizing common issues in our lives, Sadie takes the reader through a metaphorical roadtrip to finding happiness and avoiding roadblocks. She sprinkles her advice with personal anecdotes that are down-to-earth and very real, speaking more as a wise friend than a self-help consultant.

The pieces I found most useful were the perfectly woven explanations of meditation and breathing exercises. I loved this hands-on experience as I put the book down and began my own exercise. Overall, her flawless use of yoga philosophy added a deeper element to the read.

Sadie leaves the reader feeling confident and charged to be living. Yogi Bears believe that a loving, positive attitude is essential to a healthy life, and the Road Trip Guide to the Soul exemplifies that spirit.

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