Thursday, October 30, 2008

Donna Karan Sponsors Yoga Program at Hospital

Donna Karan has sponsored a major project at a NYC hospital to clinically prove that yoga, meditation and aromatherapy can enhance regimens of chemotherapy and radiation in treating cancer. Karan, founder of the DKNY line of clothing and a yoga enthusiast, has donated $850,000, through her Urban Zen Foundation, for a year-long experiment combining Eastern and Western healing methods at the Beth Israel Medical Centre in Manhattan.

Overseen by Karan’s yoga masters, Rodney and Colleen Saidman Yee, 15 yoga teachers will be sent to the hospital’s cancer ward starting January next to work with non-terminal patients, and nurses will be trained in relaxation techniques, the New York Times reported Thursday.

Karan hopes to prove that the yoga and meditation regime can reduce classic symptoms of cancer and its treatment, like pain, nausea and anxiety and serve as a model for replication elsewhere.

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WildPoet said...

How did the program do? What yoga exercises did they use with patients?

I'm an interfaith hospital Chaplain who is looking for ways to work with patients using yoga.