Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Letter to CEO of General Mills

Dear Mr. Powell,

We appreciate the effort General Mills has made toward ending the breast cancer epidemic through the Yoplait Save Lids, Save Lives program. However, there is an even more meaningful commitment your company can make to help put an end to this terrible disease.

As you know, Yoplait yogurt is made with milk from cows treated with rBGH. We are very concerned about the health issues, such as breast cancer, that have been associated with the use of this synthetic hormone. rBGH is unsafe and unnecessary. In fact, many dairy companies, restaurants, grocery stores, and retailers as large as Wal-Mart have decided to go rBGH-free. General Mills can do it too.

By making your yogurt with only rBGH-free milk, you will be creating a healthier product for millions of women. If General Mills goes rBGH-free, other companies will follow your leadership, thus increasing the availability of artificial hormone-free dairy.

This will make a real change in breast cancer—helping to stop the disease before it starts.

I hope you will take quick action to make Yoplait yogurt rBGH-free. In the process you'll be making General Mills a well-noticed champion of women's health.

In community
Yoga Bear

Join the Think Before You Pink campaign and tell Yoplait to put a lid on it!

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