Thursday, August 14, 2008

Said the Doctor to the Cancer Patient: Hit the Gym

A wonderful story from the NY Times today discusses the role of fitness in cancer recovery:
Gyms and fitness centers have begun stepping in to meet a small but growing demand for programs designed to not only hasten recovery but to address the fatigue of chemotherapy, the swelling of lymphedema and the loss of muscle tone...

...Other studies indicate that moderate exercise has additional benefits like strengthened immune function and lower rates of recurrence. Studies at Dana-Farber found that nonmetastatic colon cancer patients who routinely exercised had a 50 percent lower mortality rate during the study period than their inactive peers, regardless of how active they were before the diagnoses.

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Claire said...

Very interesting article. I am yet to try this form of yoga, but I have heard that it is extremely cleansing. I have always been told by instructors prior to a class, that everyone should listen to their bodies and modify their movements to avoid pain. It sounds like this is the same case with Bikram, or "hot" yoga.