Tuesday, July 29, 2008

So What's the Deal with Plastic Bottles?

You may have heard a rumor about plastic bottles releasing chemicals when heated or cooled. But according to the Johns Hopkins Website, this rumors are untrue:

Freezing water does not cause the release of chemicals from plastic bottles.

In general, it is best to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when using any plastic products. When cooking with plastics, only use those plastic containers, wraps, bags and utensils for their intended purposes.

Consumers should be more concerned with the initial quality of the drinking water inside a container than they should be about the composition of the container... The truth is that tap water in the United States is more highly regulated and monitored for quality compared to bottled water.

So although there is no evidence that plastic bottles release dioxins in your water, we still advocate limiting use of plastic bottles as they are not environmentally friendly. Not only are few of the bottles recycled, but it takes unnecessary energy and resources to bottle water and ship it to store shelves.


Brandellaa said...

While that website might state there is not leach of chemicals, such as BPA, from water bottles, there are far more studies that show that plastic bottles do leach chemicals. Even if you do not want to believe this, tap water in a refillable bottle is far safer for you. Try glass for your reusable water bottle. For a great one, check out http://livinglavidaverde.net/store.aspx . Glass does not leach, and it tastes great to drink water out of it.

Molly said...

Since BPA has become such a hot news item, the reusable water bottle business has been booming. I drink from glass bottles and jars at home, but when I'm going places where sharp impacts are a possibility (i.e. when I leave my room), I opt for stainless steel. No mystery liners or leaching toxins to worry about!

You can get a stainless steel water bottle in pretty much any size or color you could want nowadays. Another good sign about stainless steel water bottles; I see people around who have obviously had their Klean Kanteen for years, and it's still going strong.

Amy said...

I believe the effects of BPA are real and lasting. I will always choose an alternative, like stainless steel water bottles.